Why CITTA’s Talc-Free Soothing Baby Powder Has Gone Out Of Stock Within A Week?


Baby powder is an indispensable part of the baby care routine. But is it safe?

The fresh baby aroma we associate with newborns may have a hint of baby powder. For many years, baby powder has been a go-to product for new parents. It might surprise you to know that pediatricians have been warning about the possible risks of talc-based baby powders since 1969.

Few talc types contain asbestos in its natural state. Asbestos is a highly carcinogenic material that, when absorbed into the lungs, can cause fatal lung cancer. Recently, one of the biggest manufacturers of talcum-based powders called off their well-known baby powder after finding asbestos in it.

What are the safer alternatives to talc? How can you remove excess oil and moisture from your baby’s skin without using talc-based baby powder? How can you know whether your baby’s powder contains talc or not?

You should check the product label carefully because many baby powders on the market today contain no talc at all. Instead of talc, several “talc-free” powders are being manufactured with cornstarch, another absorbent ingredient that is natural.

Have you ever heard of a baby powder with natural ingredients that is completely safe for your baby’s skin?


Yes, CITTA is disrupting the baby skincare segment with their Natural Talc-Free Soothing Baby Powder. CITTA created this product after considering the highly detrimental consequences of talc. CITTA’s Soothing Talc-Free Baby Powder for babies has the goodness of natural absorbent ingredients—Oat Kernel Flour and Corn Starch—but no talc. It soothes your baby’s skin while imparting a soft and silky feel. This talc-free powder for babies is uniquely crafted with all-natural ingredients that are gentle on the baby’s skin and give it a moisture-free feel. Zea Mays (Corn) Starch acts as a moisture absorbent, whereas Oat Kernel Flour imparts smooth and silky sensory effects to the baby’s skin. Oat Kernel flour contains natural antioxidants like avenathramides and Vitamin E that assist skin health and prevent rashes and itchiness. Kaolin acts as an excellent absorbent and keeps the skin fresh. The powder has the silkiest texture that soothes the baby’s skin while keeping it moisture-free and soft.

People started to search about the adverse effects of talc-based powders when word broke that a popular brand’s baby powder was being questioned. This was also when they started looking for safer alternatives. This is where CITTA caught their interest. Their Talc-Free Baby Powder’s unique formulation and ingredients grabbed people’s attention, and today the powder is running out of stock.

“After extensive research, I realized there were no valid reasons for more prominent brands not to create a talc-free baby powder. We follow a stringent set of rules when formulating our natural, safe, and tested products. Our products use the best quality natural ingredients. We also believe that safety and transparency are two important factors for skin care, especially for babies. Not just the Talc-Free Baby Powder, but CITTA’s entire baby skincare range is crafted with extreme care and love to ensure safety. All our products are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients and are safe for your baby’s skin. Our products are free of harsh and harmful chemicals like talc, parabens, silicones, sulfates, and mineral oils as well. They are safe, mild, and dermatologically approved, ” says Akanksha Sharma, CEO, CITTA.

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CITTA’s natural and dermatologically tested Soothing Talc-Free Baby Powder is made with #DadiNaniKeNuskhe, which is backed by science. It is the safest bet for your baby’s skin. CITTA is restocking their Talc-Free Baby Powder soon!


Curated with love and care by a young girl, Akanksha Sharma, taking inspiration from her mother, Monisha Sharma, the brand aims to provide natural ingredient products to people. After their baby care products, the brand has expanded its range of products. The brand envisions providing the best quality products that are natural and safe for all.

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Sudeep Vishwas – Being A Young Entrepreneur And Setting Examples For Others

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