Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in Gorakhpur

Wedding Photographers in Gorakhpur

The Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, according to experts. Based on our research, which looked at factors like business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, client satisfaction and feedback, pricing, and value for money, all of the wedding photographers listed here are compared to be the Most Authentic. Only the Best is presented to you.

Contemporary photography trends include ornate, simple, stylish, and vintage looks. The trends in 2022 wedding photography are varied and have something to offer everyone. Weddings are romanticized and exalted. Wedding photography is mainly concerned with capturing lovely current moments. Thus, wedding Photography is in Trend nowadays.

Top 10 Wedding Photographer IN Gorakhpur are:

Wedding Photographers in Gorakhpur

1.  Pleasing Portraits:

Pleasing Portraits, founded by Aryan and Anshuman, is the market leader in Gorakhpur for wedding photography. The best photographers and videographers on their team are professionals with years of experience in the photography industry. Pleasing portraits is the first choice of customers when it comes to wedding photography in Gorakhpur. They deserve the first position in this article.

Specialty: Pre-wedding, wedding, wedding cinematic videos, wedding videography.

Reviews: It has an excellent public review in Gorakhpur and a rating of 4.9 stars.

Pleasing Portraits is the best wedding photographer in Gorakhpur.

2. VIV1 Studio:

They have the best packages to give customers a memorable experience on a budget, considering their needs. They take pride in having satisfied customers and providing them with top-notch services. Viv1 Studio employs the best team of photographers. They are simple to find and have excellent access to the city.

Specialty: Video production, drone photography, candid wedding photos, cinematic wedding photos, pre-and post-wedding photos, anniversary photos, engagement photos, bridal photos, destination wedding photos, etc.

Reviews: It started in 2005 and has an excellent public review in Gorakhpur and a rating of 5.0 stars.

3. Raj Art Photo Studio:

Raj Art Photo Studio offers its customers the best wedding, pre-wedding, and reception packages following their requirements. To provide their clients the best experience and service, their photographers are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience in this field. For their clients, this makes the photoshoot experience more engaging and memorable.

Specialty: Pre-wedding shoots, Candid photography, Traditional photography, Printing cups, Printing Pillow, Picture studios, Standard Videography, Affordable price, Photobooth, Etc.

Reviews: It has an excellent public review in Gorakhpur and a rating of 4.9 stars

4. Click Studio:

Click Studio in Gorakhpur is renowned for offering an unforgettable wedding photography experience. They are experts at capturing and framing the most unguarded memories. They offer their clients the best wedding, pre-wedding, and reception packages based on their requirements.

Specialties: Fashion photography, candid photography, baby photography, wedding photography, event photography, product photography, flexible payment options, etc.

Reviews: It started in 2015 and has an excellent public review in Gorakhpur and a rating of 4.6 stars.

5. Golden Image Photography:

One of the most well-known wedding photographers in Gorakhpur, Golden Image Photography, offers their clients pre-wedding and wedding photo sessions. They strive to give their customers a memorable experience while providing services at a much more reasonable price. Professional and experienced wedding photographers assist their clients in organizing and directing photo shoots following the intended theme.

Specialty: Pre-wedding, wedding, exclusive brides, cinematic videos, baby photography, corporate product photography, portfolio, candid photography, and traditional photography.

Reviews:  It started in 2009 and has an excellent public review in Gorakhpur and a rating of 4.8 stars.

6. UrbanShoot Photographer

Hari is the owner of Urbanshoot Photography, a wedding photography and videography business based in North Humayunpur, Gorakhpur. The team has been photographing weddings for more than five years and has delighted brides and grooms with their artistic talents. Each satisfied client, in turn, has helped them gradually make room for themselves. Services offered by Urbanshoot Photography: They are Traditional + Candid Specialists and provide a wide range of services for your big day. The experts from Urbanshoot Photography present their work as Cool, Amazing, and Great, and all of their clientele respect them.

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Urbanshoot Photography has already photographed weddings in cities like Gorakhpur, but they can also go to other cities and provide their services there.

Specialty: Wedding films, pre-wedding shoots, pre-wedding films, candid photography, traditional photography, and albums are all examples of traditional media.

Reviews: It Has 4.9 Stars.

7.  Villain Studio

In Gorakhpur, Villen Studio is well-known in wedding photography and film. The emotional and unadulterated beauty of holy matrimony is captured in the images taken by the Villen Studio team. Villen Studio is a one-stop shop covering your complete wedding festivities and provides videography and pre-wedding photographs. This wedding photography agency offers various services for various wedding celebrations, from low-key home engagements before the wedding to elaborate wedding ceremonies. Villen Studio’s well-equipped photographers are more than willing to travel to your chosen wedding locations and offer their wide variety of services for your wedding ceremony.

Specialty: Wedding albums, candid photography, traditional photography, traditional videography, cinematic video, and pre-wedding shoots.

Reviews: It has 5.0 stars.

8. RP Graphic

Wedding photography company RP Graphic is based in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Professional photographer Rishikesh has been in the business for close to 12 years. They are pretty helpful and always manage to find a solution, no matter what challenges they may encounter. This professional team is overflowing with ideas when it comes to being creative during the shoots. They draw inspiration from their surroundings and employ a variety of props to enhance your shoot and make it stand out. They go above and above to fulfill your ideal wedding photography fantasies since their staff is so skilled at what they do. Their expertise and attention to detail allow their clients to unwind, knowing that their wedding photos are in capable hands.

Specialty: Photography for weddings and pre-weddings, wedding and pre-wedding films, bridal portraits, wedding albums, maternity shots, and fashion shoots are all included in wedding cinematography.

Reviews: It Has 5.0 Stars.

9. Aniket Gaur Photography

Renowned photographer Aniket Gaur Photography has more than five years of experience in the field and has developed a specialty in effectively covering wedding festivities. A remarkable collection of storytellers and filmmakers, Aniket Gaur Photography. They create stunning docu videos, photo tales, and boutique films of your wedding festivities. They work hard to provide high-quality images and complete every assignment with the most excellent attention and professionalism. As their name implies, they enjoy playing with light to add color to their frames. A talented group of experienced wedding photographers and videographers work for Aniket Gaur Photography. The venture’s directors make sure that the service meets the highest standards. Aniket Gaur Photography has demonstrated that they are the most professional team operating in the area by delivering on time at the weddings they have photographed. Their customers gush about them to their friends and relatives for other occasions.

Specialty: Pre-wedding shoots, pre-wedding films, maternity shoots, model photography, candid photography, traditional photography, and traditional videography.

Reviews: It has 5.0 stars in reviews.

10. Cineworld Studios

In Gorakhpur, Cineworld Studio is a well-known wedding photography and movie business. The images taken by the vendor name team are emotional and show the true beauty of holy matrimony. Vendor name is a one-stop shop covering your complete wedding celebrations and provides videography and pre-wedding photographs. Services Offered by Cineworld Studio This wedding photography agency offers various services for various wedding celebrations, including small-scale home engagements before the wedding and elaborate wedding ceremonies.

Specialty: Candid photography, conventional photography, conventional videography, wedding albums, maternity shoots, and model photography are examples of this.

Reviews:  It has 5.0 stars.


The wedding photographer will discuss the necessary stuff, bring the required items to the location, and be on time and prepared to work. Additionally, devoted and skilled photographers won’t miss a moment of the event and will capture every moment with their cameras.

Rishi Raj

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