The Start-Up That’s Making Healthcare More Accessible To Corporate India


That ‘health is wealth’ may be a very old adage, but it is one that has assumed newfound relevance today, following the trying years of the pandemic we’ve all recently lived through. The stresses of modern life often lead one to put their own well-being on the back burner. In particular, when working in the corporate sector, with its fast pace and pressing demands. It’s this very lifestyle that health-tech start-up Mediwheel aims to change — thereby putting one’s mental and physical well-being at the forefront of their personal and professional life.


The 3 year-old Healthtech Startup, founded in New Delhi by Komal Dhoot Saraf is focused on revolutionizing and democratizing healthcare in India by making world-class healthcare and health data analytics available to the every Indian. They launched their operations during the pandemic, and their earliest endeavors were Covid-19 vaccination camps that facilitated vaccinations for over two lakh employees, across 40 corporate companies in 30 cities. Their drives were critical in enabling companies to reopen offices during the second wave while keeping everyone’s safety as the highest priority.

The boot-strapped company has continued to grow organically ever since. They are currently working on making Employee Wellness a core culture of the corporate sector by providing wellness services to Large and MSME corporates and retail customers alike. The services entail pre-employment health check-ups, annual health check-ups, tele-medicine helplines, on-site doctors and medical rooms, specialist appointments, and access to an e-pharmacy.

What makes MediWheel unique in its proposition is the offer of a full life cycle of medical transactions for each employee of each corporate. They also focus on your personal health data via advanced analytics to recommend actionable steps for individuals to take control of their health. They also convert your reports and doctor consultations into a digital health record in readable formats. What’s more, they are a one-of-its-kind cashless service provider, with a roster of over 100 in-house doctors and partnerships with 5,000 hospitals and diagnostic centers across India. All this kept in tandem with the introduction of Ayushman Bharat Digital Health IDs, and the growing importance of AI and ML for analytics.

The founders’ key mission is to build a “digitally healthy Bharat.” Komal, the company’s co-founder is committed to bringing this change to the corporate sector. “It is a pivotal time for the health-tech industry in India and globally, and we are driven by our goal to better as many lives as we can. We not just want to elevate an individual’s life but want to set benchmarks for our industry as well,” she says.

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MediWheel is currently servicing five lakh lives through its interactive web portal, and have also tied-up with over 40 corporate partners including some Fortune 500 companies as well. Their expansion plans for 2023 include partnerships with 400 corporates to touch over one million lives.

Article Written By- Praachi Raniwala

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