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As a result of the pandemic, we today have found a lot of ways to do things online and remotely. Right from getting food delivered to even giving exams remotely. Even though the pandemic is more or less subsidized, these new innovations still remain, owing to the multitude of benefits. Getting services online or remotely is faster and can be easy, cost-efficient, and done in the comfort of your home.

legal industry

The digital revolution was already afoot and the pandemic has accelerated this. Similarly, Rest The Case is helping bring the digital revolution to the legal industry in India. Rest The Case is a legal aggregator platform that amalgamates different types of legal services in one place.

One of the most important services the platform provides is connecting lawyers with those looking for legal advice or legal services from lawyers all across the country. Rest The Case doesn’t just have lawyers from the major metro cities but also from the small cities and towns which amount to more than 200 cities. With a network of 1200+ lawyers, one can find a lawyer of almost all kinds of specializations and expertise.

Lawyers can register on the platform and are listed on the website. Anyone looking for a lawyer can search for lawyers through specialization, place, and even pin code. Lawyers when registered can also access the platform’s services and have speciated services like ERP bases Case Management System.

Rest The Case also offers document templates that people can use to have ready-to-use legal drafts like rent agreements, business contracts, or even simple invoices. With a vast knowledge bank, Rest The Case also offers readers a multitude of blogs that simplify laws in the country and help in understanding what laws mean and provide tips like how one can file an FIR, file a case, and also provide daily legal updates.

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Having a digital platform in the legal field comes with its own challenges as there are a lot of aspects of it that need to be confidential, like the conversations between lawyers and their clients, certain documents, etc. For this reason the Rest The Case’s entire platform is end-to-end encrypted and hence everything on the website is 100% secure.

The platform aims to expand its services more and has plans to incorporate elements like AI-based technology and also incorporate mediation to the platform.

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