Lexicon MILE Launches ‘CAPSTONE’ To Bridge The Gap Between Real-Time Work And Classroom Teaching

Lexicon MILE

Bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge obtained in the classroom and real-time industrial scenarios is a major problem faced by institutions across the world. Today, students and budding professionals pursuing higher education are expected to step into the corporate world as Day Zero Professionals. Organizations are on the constant lookout for individuals equipped with the skills and knowledge to apply their classroom learnings in real-life scenarios and tackle problems with a solution-driven mindset.

Lexicon MILE

Intending to provide a solution to bridge this gap and go that extra mile to help their students succeed as confident professionals, Lexicon MILE has introduced the ‘CAPSTONE’ Industrial Dynamic project. CAPSTONE projects involve students taking charge of identifying challenges and areas of improvement in industrial settings and curating sustainable solutions for them. With this project as part of their coursework, the students classify their tasks into phases evolving from an academic aspect to a corporate one. This methodology aids students by encouraging networking and acquiring skills such as enhanced problem identification, data analysis, designing effective strategies and innovative solutions, along with boosting their confidence and self-belief having implemented their solutions in the business or organization to resolve challenges.

“CAPSTONE aids in bridging the conceptual divide between academic theory and actual on ground situations. This helps students understand the industrial dynamics better and design relevant efficient solutions creating a win-win situation for the institution and the organization. It greatly assist students in creating value and results in them becoming a precious asset for their organization.” says Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma, Director, Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership & Excellence.

CAPSTONE project helps students in various ways by understanding management and operational concepts through situations that are based on real-life situations. From solving issues in work culture, working on employee retention plans, global economy and achievement of targets to fraud scenarios and operational efficiency, Capstone projects enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of these and other relevant topics. It also allows students to connect with mentors from the industry, gain valuable insights from them and leverage those insights to create an effective solution. The project also provides students with the liberty to deep-dive into the challenges, hone their analytical skills and gain concept mastery is CAPSTONE’s success.

The CAPSTONE projects are one among the many initiatives undertaken by Lexicon MILE to provide their students with various opportunities to develop a leadership mindset. By bridging the industry-academia gap, the institute sets its students up for sustainable success while encouraging future global leaders to adopt a growth mindset.

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