Ansuman Pattanayak Crowned as Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2021


In the big city, Ansuman Pattanayak works as a young CEO in his company, the Almonzo Group. Recently he has been named entrepreneur of the year 2021 in a prestigious award ceremony at the 2nd edition of the Ollywood Cine awards. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Almonzo Group, active in Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Gaming, and multiple other businesses. Mr.Pattanayak is the brain behind the success of the Almonzo group today.

Ansuman is a businessman, who has been working since he was 17 and he started the company Cyphervue Technologies better known for its software services. Pattanayak is an entrepreneur who has been described by experts as someone who has a ‘fire in his belly for business. He is also credited with having a ‘vision. He is one of the pioneers in the Indian startup ecosystem and is well known for his contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation. Pattanayak is the person behind the success of Almonzo Group. He is a tech-savvy person and keeps himself abreast of all the latest technology developments and serves as a mentor for budding entrepreneurs.

Ansuman Believes “There are lots of amazing people in the new world of business. It’s important to have a network to stay in touch with prospective clients. As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve noticed that networking events are a great place to market your business and meet like-minded peers. It’s also quite useful to exchange information and advice with other entrepreneurs.”


The award recognizes the unstoppable entrepreneurs who, with their innovation, resilience, and boldness are positively impacting the lives of millions and carving out a different future from the present. Mr. Ansuman Pattanayak, driven by the core philosophy of “Winners never quit and quitters never win”, never kneel down at the hurdles in the long journey of entrepreneurship. Starting from a small single-room in his village Sidhapur in the state of Odisha, the journey made him capable to build the whole Almonzo Group and inspiring a lot of youngsters to take a stand for themselves on their entrepreneurial journey. He already served 2000+ corporate clients, through his software services domain ‘’ in the software services sector.

“The Almonzo Group, an integrated business conglomerate is placing a strong focus on technology, sports, gaming, and entertainment. The Group has been in operation for half a decade and is expanding its footprint across the country.”

Ansuman has always been fond of technology and technical innovations. He is a technology entrepreneur and serves as founder and CEO of Almonzo Technologies Private Limited. Almonzo is an ICT consulting and software services company based in Odisha, India. His company Cyphervue Technologies is in various sectors like Internet, Mobile Applications, Technology Consultancy, Business Consulting, and Outsourcing Services and they have planned to expand it in various domains.

Personally certified as an Advanced Ethical Hacker and penetration tester by IIT Roorkee, Mr. Ansuman also has expertise in the software development field.

Being a very young Entrepreneur, he is leaving an impact on young minds, Ansuman has taken the Indian Startup world by storm, and his passion for work and helping others has driven him to be a successful entrepreneur.

Pattanayak has been recognized for his honest work and productive results by many other organizations and has won various awards for his dedicated businessman attitude due to which he has been an inspiration to the people he has worked with and the people he will be working with in the future.

Beyond the tech domain, Almonzo Sports, a sports equipment brand took a good market share after the Corona Pandemic and associated with the Top franchising companies like Franchise India, Franchisemart, Franchiseshop, etc. Very soon the group is expanding its wing in the direction of mobile gaming and entertainment domain. Starting from an age of 17, Mr. Ansuman has come across a long-barbed path. Sometimes failure hit him hard, sometimes discourages and taunts tried to stop him. But overcoming all these, today his success is inspiring a lot of youngsters to take a stand for themselves on their entrepreneurial journey. “As a first-generation entrepreneur, the surrounding always tried to pull me out of the entrepreneurial path, but taking a stand for myself actually brought me here”, Pattanayak says. “You have to believe in yourself and push yourself hard because no one else will come to do that. Always remember, no one can beat you until and unless you are being beaten by yourself.” Talking about his parents’ reaction he smiles and says that Indian parents are hard to convince unless the result is seen and the same happens with him too. But now things have gotten better in terms of their concern for his future.

He does not have a very strong financial family background, still, he managed to make his way and gloom out like the best. Pattanayak says, “I came from a lower-middle-class family. When I was a child, my father was working as a teacher in a govt primary school with a salary of Rs 500.” Still, his parents worked very hard to give him all the necessities he needed and he did his best and made them feel proud by touching heights of success and fame.

Your financial background and family status do not matter when you have your aims and goals clear in life. Pattanayak Adds, “As an entrepreneur, I believe that it is very important for entrepreneurs to have a clear vision and mission in life.” Being a renowned entrepreneur, he feels that it is very important to work on your start-up and make it successful. When setting up your start-up, drawing from the best practices of other start-ups could go a long way in helping you when you are stuck or need a quick boost. “I would call upon every entrepreneur to set ambitious goals, make plans, and achieve them by working hard, as Mr. Kalam Said that dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep.

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